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Mini sessions are held throughout the year. They are either for themed sessions (like the back to school one shown here) or are offered on a set date for quick standard sessions at a lower price.

MINIS are NOT offered outside of the publicised dates.

Cost: 85

Includes: 3 digitals and 15 minutes together

Additional images alaways available for purchase.


Portraits are set up for a single client.

They can include props and pets and are built to highight everything that makes you so special.

Starting Cost

Cost: 175

Includes: 10 digitals, up to 2 hours together, outfit changes allowed, and location change allowed (within a reasonable radius)

Additional images always available for purchase.


Whether you are celebrating the start of your marriage or the days before you welcome a new child into the world, taking the time to photograph this part of your life is vital.

Couples' portraits are set up for 2 clients. If you need a maternity session or engagement session to include additional clients, please look at the Family Pricing!

Engagements - Maternity

Cost: 150

Includes: 10 digitals and up to 60 minutes together


Capturing your family at every stange and milestone is important in saving every last detail of your children TODAY. Take the time and tackle the challenge that is wrangling and dressing your littles so that you will have the memories to look back on forever.


Family of 3 - 200

Family of 4 - 215

Family of 5 - 230

(additional clients $15 each)

All Family sessions Include: 15 digitals and average 60-90 minutes together


Extended Families are considered any families with multiple generations. (Or "More than one Mom/Dad)

Extended family sessions include family portraits for each household, portraits of children, and couple's portraits. These sessions can tend to take a little longer to plan AND shoot, so be prepared to be a team player in moving props, gathering children, and making eachother laugh!

Cost, It takes a little math, and I apologize already:

Session Fee $110

Each Client $15

Inlcudes: FULL GALLERY, a USB for the Patriarch of the Family, and 10% off prints


The days immediatley after welcoming a child are unlike any other. Babies change so incredibly fast and, even with a Newborn session booked within the first 14 days, your baby will look like a completely different child.

Fresh48s are scheudled between 9am-2pm. The best time to schedule it is in those first 24 hours so that you are not discharged beforehand.

Cost: 250

Includes: FULL GALLERY and a USB with your images


There is literally NOTHING I love more than photographing births. If I could do nothing BUT this for the rest of my life, I would die content.

Allowing ANYONE into that space with you as you fight to welcome a new soul into the world is a massive privilege. I hope and pray you will let me capture every moment for you.


Cost: 600

Includes: FULL GALLERY, Fresh48, a USB with your photos, and Travel expenses


I am currently BOOKED FULL for 2023 weddings.

HOWEVER, I am always available for intimate weddings and elopements!

SO MUCH goes into planning your wedding day and the photographer is a HUGE part of that. I work somewhere inbetween the "Bright and airy" and "Dark and Moody" styles for my weddings. This allows me to capture your wedding in a realistic fashion (slightly warmed up for sure).

Please reach out if you have any questions about what it looks like to book your wedding with me!

Pricing can be viewed through the link below.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I book?

Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the Contact Me link!
If you have questions that you would like answered before you book, please let me know!!!

What should we expect to do at our session?

I am striving to be a PROMPT Photographer. This means that I will provide you with things to do, say, or ways to pose so that you may feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

YES! Here's the thing; I try my best to stick to a set time. If the session purchased is one and a half hours, our session will be one and a half hours... however, if you request more time, we can discuss this.
My general payment structure is $100 for one hour of work. SO, if you request me to stay for 30 more minutes, it will cost an additional $50 and the gallery will not be provided until that payment is made.

If you cannot make that additional payment, the images taken during that additional time will simply not be provided.

Why do I sign a contract?

Contracts are forms which allow the client and the photographer to be on the same page in regards to the session. There is nothing worse that thinking that you'd get one thing and then you get something else or something less than expected.
Contracts cover session fees, image counts included, cancellations, and everything in-between.

What is a Retainer?

A retainer is a payment made to "Claim" your session date and time. Without your retainer, your session is not guaranteed and can be offered to any other clients.
Retainers are non-refundable as time is money, and canceling a session means that Gray Photography is missing an opportunity to host a session that pays for the education, gear, and supplies necessary for her to provide the services her clients deserve.

What do I wear?

There are some simple tips like "no text on clothes", "Coordinate instead of Match", and "No characters on clothes", and then there are more hands on tips that Gray Photography can provide if you would like.
Just ask for some help and I'll work with you on what to wear to your session!
I send out a great "Session Guide" that will help more with this!

What is a "Turn Around Time"?

Turn around time is the time that can be expected to pass between the session date and the completed gallery being delivered.
Currently, I work at a 3-5 week turnaround, busy times mights see that expanding to 6 weeks.
I rarely take the whole turn around time!

What if we have to reschedule?

Rescheduling is rarely an issue, even for weddings. If you have signed a contract, please look into your contract for specifics for this issue.
Most reschedules can be provided without an additional fee. If the session is requested to me moved up, then an additional fee may be required as a rush on the session is created.
Rescheduling fees are rare, but they are there to ensure that no date is booked and, in turn unavailable one day and availabe the next, leading me to lose out on possible incomes.

Why does it cost so much?

This is honestly the hardest question to answer. I will always strive to answer it though, as it DOES cost a lot, and it is important to understand why.

Photography requires more time of me than just the time we spend together at your session. There is usually about an hour's worth of time in prep for smaller sessions and over 2 hours of prep for weddings and births. This doesn't even include the time I spend researching locatoins, studying my techniques and editing, and learning more about my camera. AFTER your session comes the hardest part, editing. For every 20-30 minutes in session time, there is about an hour worth of editing time, and that is for the easier edits.

On top of the TIME that is needed for photography, there is the money. Gear and education cost a lot! For me to have the best gear for my level of photography and learn how to use it, I have to put in a lot of time and money!

Basically, yes it costs quite a bit to book a session, but keep in mind that you will have memories to hold onto forever and you are supporting an artist along the way.

Daylight Savings Time

As I like booking sessions the first hour and the last two hours of sunlight, here are the three soonest windows of time.

Message me below with any questions, hopes, or just to book!

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